Easter Basket Grass

My incredibly creative neighbor set up a beautiful scene…white ruffly tent, real wood branches holding it up, adorable pillows, baskets, and accessories.  The sun was setting perfectly behind the scene.  All I had to do was show up with my camera and bring my daughter dressed in her Easter outfit.  It took my breath away when I walked up the scene in the middle of the field in our neighborhood.  Then, Kate discovered the grass….the EASTER BASKET GRASS!  All she cared about was that pink grass that was made to stay INSIDE the basket.  After that moment, nothing else mattered.  She didn’t look up at the camera, didn’t smile, and definitely didn’t follow any directions.  Kate was completely enthralled by the hypnotic grass.  But isn’t that real life?  Kids want to play, sometimes with the simplest of things.  It may lead to a messy photo scene, but it makes for a fun, joyful life!  I will always cherish these pictures and remember the heart of a little girl who just wanted to make a mess:)0U9A21060U9A2168-Edit20U9A2173-Edit0U9A2144IMG_7124-EditIMG_7147-Edit0U9A21030U9A20780U9A21230U9A2124IMG_7150-EditIMG_7156IMG_7166-EditIMG_7169IMG_7174IMG_7201IMG_7187IMG_7185IMG_7209IMG_7219IMG_71830U9A21930U9A2200-Edit0U9A2096


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