All American Girls

We may have a little problem….three little cuties are all going to be asking for a pony for every birthday and Christmas from here on out!  I have never seen the girls so in awe and memorized by anything.  These best friends, Kate, Maddie, and Charley, got invited to play on a beautiful farm while the mommies took pictures .  Not only was the setting perfect, but the girls were lucky enough to get to ride on a horse!  It was icing on the cake for me as a photographer.  The evening was filled with games of ring around the rosie, stomping the stairs with their boots, feeding carrots to the horses, and riding tricycles.  The girls had an absolute blast and so did the mommies:)  It was such a fun way to capture these moments as the girls are growing so quickly.  They will all celebrate their 2nd birthdays in the coming month.  I am so thankful that God gave me two amazing friends to share in this mommy-hood journey!      0U9A0918-Edit20U9A0929-Edit20U9A0937-Edit0U9A0942-Edit0U9A0945-Edit0U9A0925-EditIMG_7947-EditIMG_7943-EditIMG_7956-Edit2IMG_7969-EditIMG_7973-EditIMG_7971-EditIMG_7974-EditIMG_7985-EditIMG_7987-EditIMG_7990-EditIMG_8001-EditIMG_8025-EditIMG_8006-Edit0U9A1096-Edit0U9A1091-Edit30U9A0995-Edit0U9A1001-Edit0U9A1026-EditIMG_8058-EditIMG_8061-Edit2IMG_8064-EditIMG_8076-EditIMG_8081-EditIMG_8087-EditIMG_8098-Edit0U9A1042-Edit0U9A1051-EditIMG_8037edit4IMG_8036-Edit0U9A0972-Edit0U9A0947-Edit0U9A1124-EditIMG_8106-EditIMG_8109-Edit0U9A1086-Edit0U9A1066-Edit0U9A1059-Edit0U9A1191-Edit0U9A1188-Edit0U9A1172-Edit0U9A1169-Edit0U9A1166-EditIMG_8029-Edit0U9A1211-Edit60U9A1203-Edit0U9A1224-Edit0U9A1246-Edit-Edit0U9A1249-Edit20U9A1267-Edit

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